Alien Attack

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The human race in Alien Attack game is in danger after the other faction betrays because they invented a method transforming people in of one them. Their technique will cause everybody to obey every order. You need to move to the year of 2050 and stop that before it’s too late by defending against all of the enemies. At the start, you have nothing to use. So, you should quickly roam and pick up necessary gear. Equip for your player with powerful weapons and items before you face to face the foe. You are recommended to work with others as a team in case you want to defeat the adversary. If you cannot build a group, you can hide from wicked aliens. You can know the current number of two gangs above the leaderboard. Try to earn the high score and get more coins to buy upgrades in the shop! Play and survive until the last second!

How to play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to look around.

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