List Categories Game Free For AllIO GamesUpgrades is an ocean-themed Free For All game. Participate in an intense battle and fight against every enemy to destroy their base, become the top player and dominate seas. If you expect to achieve the goal, you’d better throw the big bomb at their headquarters quickly. However, you should not ignore collecting mine crates first. The weapon will move closer with each chest that you have picked up. In order to own enough experience boxes, you should level up your boat. At some certain stages, your vehicle will receive amazing upgrades, for example, a stronger cannon. While you are roaming, you can take out big ships. Keep in mind that you do not have the unlimited ammo! But, you can restock always by scavenging ammo containers. It is quite simple to control your shooting ability and your movement. Why don’t you enjoy the combat and share it with your friends right now? Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to rotate and accelerate, Space top open fire directions, Q and E to throw bombs, LMB to move freely or shoot.

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