is a new classic strategy Io game with a special gameplay. Get ready to join the dangerous arena and defeat all of the enemies to become the top player! You can collect a lot of blobs after you enter the playfield. They are helpful items that grow your hook in size and give you more experience to rank up. It’s simple to roam around the map and gather food. Besides, you are able to boost your movement speed if necessary. Attempt to defend yourself from every deadly attack! And, do not forget to eliminate as many rivals as possible to achieve the goal sooner. Keep in mind that you cannot move while you are launch hits! Thus, you are advised to time your assaults and hunt those who own smaller tools. But, you will get more points if you beat somebody having the bigger gear. Let’s take part in the challenge and win!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, W or LMB to hook, Space to speed up.

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