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Blocker Survive is yet another must-try Battle Royale survival game that is free to play in a browser. You will be forced to fight against other players coming from across the world. Make your way through the huge battlefield trying to collect weapons with other supplies then use them to defeat your enemies. Everyone is a potential enemy, therefore, you must slay them as fast as possible before they deal damage to you. You are highly recommended to find a team and work with your teammates. You don’t have to die alone, your friends can help each other to surpass the challenges. Don’t forget to watch out for a restriction area that turns up along the time. Try to stay alive in that circle area, or else you will end up dying. Just like other IO games, the main objective in this one is to become the last man standing as well. Good luck!

How to play

Move your character using WASD. Use the mouse for rotating or turning around. Use the left mouse or spacebar to shoot, key E to do an action, key Q to view the map, key R to reload ammo, key F to use the grenade, key G to use an item.

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