List Categories Game IO Games is a new style strategy game that you can participate in a team. It is about an intense combat taking place in an unsafe post-apocalyptic world. You’d better build up a bunker, create stronger weapons, and try to produce your own food. Everything you complete will help you defend yourself from all of the challenges coming from the environment and your enemies. Firstly, protect your body while interacting with items in the surroundings. It means that you are able to mine trees, rocks and collect resources. However, you are advised to craft a hatchet. That is the basic but useful tool that you can choose to cut or break what you want. But, you can gather more valuable materials if you generate upgrades. With your progress and the effort to unlock levels, you will have the chance to dominate the top spot in the fastest time. Let’s engage in the adventure and win!

How to play

Use Arrows or WASD to move, LMB to hit, E to interact, Shift to boost speed, M to open the map, C to craft.

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