List Categories Game 2D ShooterDiep StyleIO Games is a fun and simple 2d shooter game based on Diep style. It has a cool progression system that gives you plenty of different options to explore fascinating upgrades. So, you will begin to play against multiple enemies and take control of a very basic boat. Fortunately, it is equipped with 2 side cannons. They are the main weapons that you can use at the starting stage. Your objective will be to dominate seas and become the top pirate. While you are moving around the map, you should not ignore picking up colored orbs and attack other weaker opponents in order to earn much more experience and gold. Thus, you also need to dodge their shots for survival. Aside from special items that have been mentioned, you can spend points on stats such as movement speed. Are you willing to join and check out every secret in the new adventure? Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB or Space to fire.

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