is a cool MMO tower defense game where you will not play alone. You are about to compete with multiple players around the world, on the same map set on a deserted island. You will have to defy the environment, consisting of hunger, wild animals, and monsters. You are forced to defend yourself and survive as long as possible until you complete every plan. The first job that you should accomplish is to gather natural resources. You can move around the area and mine trees with rocks to collect wood and stone. They are basic and important materials to craft items, tools, and weapons. Or, you can build a base along with turrets and more. Additionally, you will seek several power-ups on the path. Especially, you will own many different buildings and can use upgrades to improve your skills when you level up. Moreover, do not ignore creating alliances with your buddies. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, Space to charge or jump, LMB to attack or choose items, Shift to sneak, Q to drop items, R to recycle buildings, E to mount or unmount weapons or turrets.

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