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Exocraft.io is a building Io game set in space. It is necessary to put up a unique exocraft and grow your fleet of drones if you want to conquer the battle and reach the top spot. You and friends will have to defend against lots of ancient guards along with other defenses which are protecting their resources. It is possible for you and everybody to level up, take over the leaderboard and keep constructing on the success of past play sessions. If you advance further, you will unlock more content and modes. In Exocraft.io, you are able to team up with some allies to create a small party. You can take down groups of antagonists when you get the help of your teammates. Remember to learn how to deploy your ships. For example, sending water-based types against fire protectors will be much more effectual than the electric ones. Try to mine asteroids and open up upgrades! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, left click to deploy drones.

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