Prepare yourself for a bunch of challenges in Flang.io – an epic 2D Shooter Moomoo.io Style game online! You and other opponents have to compete against each other in a wild world full of dangers. You will start building a safe base and work with a team to surpass all the challenges around you. Go get some resources when you roam through big lands, utilize them to craft advanced items, build many protective walls around your base to avoid the incoming attacks done by enemies. In addition, you should go find some strong weapons and use them wisely to dish out a huge amount of damage to the opponents. Just stay focused on the game and kill everything standing in your way while attempting to keep yourself alive for as long as possible for a better chance of winning. Are you ready for it? Come to play it now! Wish you luck!

How to play

Move with WASD, use the left mouse to fire.

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