List Categories Game ClassicFree For AllIO GamesRPG is a delightful classic RPG game. Explore a secret garden with a tiny fly and defend your pet against other creatures, even dangerous beasts. Attempt to survive until you reach the top spot! However, it is not simple to achieve the goal because you are able to meet up with tons of predators. They are scary enemies which are outlined with the red border. You’d better stay away from these guys or you can be jumped until you die. Indeed, you are allowed to use that skill to eliminate your prey and loot their power. If you are successful in killing the target, you can get food. To stay alive in, you are advised to drink much more water and breathe extra oxygen. Once you collect enough experience, you will level up and evolve into a formidable monster in an instant. Let’s embark on your journey and conquer the leaderboard right now!

How to play

Choose WASD or the mouse to control your pet.

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