is a free-for-all RPG game which looks like a new fidget spinner troll design. It is a brand new that you can easily save your progress. Enter another world where you can trade, craft and discover every corner of the map your way. It is not a simple adventure but an intense multiplayer battle in which you will start off with a small spaceship. Wander around the playfield and use upgrades such as modules or other accessories to make your ship better. Aside from that, you are able to attack many different items. Each module will be given a set mass and power requirement. So, you will be asked to monitor both of them if you do not want to get troubles whilst moving. Besides, you can stumble on a lot of planets on the path and search for unexpected power-ups used to set up an extremely large spacecraft. Let’s play and share with your friends now!

How to play

Use the mouse to attach parts to your ship, WASD or arrow keys to move, O/P to zoom in/out, Enter to chat, Edit Mode to change your setup.

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