List Categories Game 2D ShooterIO GamesTeam is a thrilling 2d shooter game set in a small corner of a city. It is the main battlefield where you and everybody will fight against each other to find out the top winner. However, you will not take part in the challenge alone. Indeed, you can receive the help of some teammates in case you are in danger. But, in most of the time, you should attempt to defend yourself and collect kill since they also have the mission that they have to complete. After you press the Start button, you are allowed to choose the party you like most. Thus, you can be a bandit or a soldier. Depend on the character you have selected, you need to destroy the opponent and survive. In the shop, there are many different types of guns and hats. It’s easy to own them if you have enough money. Let’s join and check your shooting skill right now!

How to play

Press WASD or arrow keys to move, LMB to shoot.

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