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Hexagor.io is a great MMO strategy game. You will begin with a small home base which is really vulnerable. You are going to play against lots of hostile characters coming from other regions of the realm. You need to beat all of them quickly to become the top player. In other words, you are able to rule the whole map if you capture their territories. Not only that, you will expand your troop and build up the biggest army later. After you start to experience Hexagor.io, you are recommended to occupy some adjacent areas. When your kingdom gets large, you can think of placing down towers around your home. These items will prevent attacks effectively. Because you are fighting with multiple enemies, you should keep an eye on their moves. They can break into your castle and take over it once they are not blocked. Try to put up plenty of structures to increase the survival ability! Besides, collecting resources from claimed plots will provide more materials to upgrade. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to control the troop and mine resources.

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