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Are you ready to conquer another Crowd City clone called Hole.io? This is such an enchanting multiplayer game you can join for free in your browser. The game bears the similar gameplay mechanic to Crowd City. You direct a small black hole around the city in an attempt to absorb everything standing on your path, such as humans, fences, cars, street lights, buildings and so forth. They are all edible objects dispersed around in the city. The more of them you absorb, the larger the size you can reach, giving you more strength to eat other enemy holes controlled by real human players. Just stay away from the holes that are much stronger than you, or else you will get eaten. Also, be careful with dangerous black holes on your way as well. You should play skillfully and tactically for a chance of becoming the best hole in the city. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct your hole around the map.

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