Play Juke game and fight against all of the Jukers coming from around the world for the top spot! Collect the high score and you can put your name in the ranking without difficulty. It is a good challenge in which you can follow the rule of “Capture the Flag”. There are two modes that you can choose and experience. With Free For All, you will have the chance to work alone. If you accept to take part in the new battle with other friends, you can select Team. For the Deathmatch, the mission that you are required to accomplished is to be the flag carrier for 10 seconds. If you finish your task, you can earn points. With the golden item, you can capture every tower. In case you test your abilities in Classic, you are asked to gain the higher result than the rival. Are you willing to end the match first? Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD or arrow keys to move, E to control the power-up.

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