Junglz.io is a unique MMO strategy Io game. Discover an enchanting adventure and conquer every challenge to become the top player. So, you will have to encounter tons of enemies in the new battle. Firstly, you can choose to avoid conflict and only collect food pieces scattered across the map in order to grow your weapon in size. With the deadly spear that you are given, you should master how to swing that equipment as that gear will support you to smash hostile goons that you face on the path. While trying to eliminate foes, you are advised to remember to watch out for the venomous plants. They can slow you down although they cannot kill you. Aside from that, attempt to dodge hits from opponents for survival. It is quite easy to dash in case you are about to escape from those who are chasing you. Just enter the nickname and you can experience your story now!

How to play

Use LMB to attack, Space to dash.

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