List Categories Game Agario Style is an interesting multiplayer free for all game. It is a survival combat in which you will have to show up the own abilities to beat other Ugandan Knuckles and become the winner. Moreover, you can dominate the top spot by collecting the most kill. By using the spear that you are given at the beginning, you are able to use it and put an end to their life. Once successful hit can make the target die in an instant. So, you’d better defend yourself until you finish the goal. Aside from attacking and earning the high ranking, do not ignore picking up colored orbs. They are very important for those who are looking for the way to level up and upgrade the power. When you enter another stage, you will realize that your movement speed has been improved. In other words, you can boost and catch up with others easier. Enjoy and win!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around, left click to speed up.

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