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Get ready to play another awesome 3d multiplayer shooter game and conquer by collecting the most kill! It is possible to choose the character and the style that you want. In other words, you can join a team to work together with your buddies or fight against multiple enemies by relying on your skills. Attempt to survive for a long time, gather the top score, and climb up to the highest position on the ranking to dominate the leaderboard. In, you are able to show up your shooting ability for free. Aside from that, you can spray paint, another item that can make other people confused when they want to cause damage to you. The weapon should be reloaded promptly since it will not pause your progress. Besides, you do not forget to use walls or buildings to cover your body. They are also useful objects that you can set traps to finish off the target and loot his gear. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to walk, Shift to crouch, Space to jump, RMB to aim, LMB to shoot, R to reload, F to spray paint.

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