Play free online the fun game if you are a fan of the exciting Battle Royale genre. Check out the new brand and fight against multiple enemies. Enter the dangerous battlegrounds and quickly pick the best weapon with power-ups before joining the combat. When you progress, you will receive upgrades. Try to compete with other people until you are the last standing man! It is also the most important mission that you need to finish to win and dominate the top spot. It is not difficult to control your character. But, it is not simple to shoot down anybody. Besides, you are allowed to speed up and run away from your foe. In, you will be given 2 slots to carry your gear. Thus, you are recommended to choose them carefully. You can switch these items without effort. Additionally, you should stay away from the shrinking red zone or you will be infected with poison gas. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your player, LMB or Space to shoot, W or RMB to run away, the mouse wheel or Q to switch weapons.

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