is a great 2D shooter game. It is possible to play against multiple enemies, check your skills, and dominate the ranking. Join the fun addicting Free For All mode and show your abilities to complete the goal. Rooms that you are going to enter are made of platforms. So, you need to jump often. However, they are very useful for you to cover your body from incoming bullets. Aside from that, remember to lie down to dodge the foe’s onslaught until you are sure. Shooting at barrels can cause damage on somebody nearby. In, there are tons of power-ups. These items are scattered across the map. They are weapon ammo or shields. Besides, you can become invisible for a few seconds when using Ghost. They help you reload and protect your life. You can change your gear if necessary. Furthermore, you are able to throw a grenade so as to eliminate a crowd. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move and jump, E to throw a grenade, C to lie down, LMB to shoot, scroll to switch weapons.

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