is a 2d Free For All game that looks like Diep style. Take part in the new combat and destroy as many ninjas as possible to become the top player. You can begin by eating sushi scattered across the map in order to collect stamina and XP. Or, you can seek somebody or NPCs to fight against them. If you are successful in killing these antagonists, you will gain more experience. With the result that you achieve, you will fill up the level bar and advance. Turning into a stronger character will increase the chance to conquer the leaderboard. Not only that, you will grow in size and be more aggressive. Besides, abilities will pop up and you can pick anything to upgrade them. Furthermore, you can unlock many different weapons. Choose whatever you like and add them to your inventory so you can switch and use later. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to wander around the map, RMB to dash, LMB to attack, Space to jump, 1-3 to choose weapons.

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