List Categories Game Free For AllIO GamesRacingStrategy is a super fun Free For All strategy game. Take part in a deadly racing with other people and show your driving skill to become the top player! It is necessary to survive and destroy other rivals. With the given car, you can start to drift and join the challenge. You can avoid conflict if you are not ready. Additionally, you are allowed to gather colored bolts scattered across the arena. Collecting these items is very exciting and useful as they will help your bumper grow in size. Actually, it will get longer and bigger. Thus, the ability to defend and attack is also improved dramatically. Aside from focusing on pick up objects, you can engage in the battle directly. Choose the appropriate time to speed up and crash into weakest parts of the opponent’s vehicles like two sides or the rear. Kills will make you earn higher ranks and dominate the leaderboard sooner. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB or Space to speed up.

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