is an Upgrades Strategy game that is all about discovering, enlarging, exploiting and killing all opponents in a brutal real-time fight. You have to build up an empire and try to keep it upgraded during the course of the fight. You start generating farms to collect money for your coffers, build a lot of forts to protect your land as you develop your empire, make use of your resources to craft advanced items, and don’t forget to build up an army then send your units out into the battle to crush down the enemies. You must capture their castles as well as plant your flag in the ground. You should play with good tactics to outplay all other opponents and give them no chances to beat you. Can you develop your empire to the max? Let’s try the game now then show off your skills! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the left mouse to buy and place units, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out, and view around the map using WASD.

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