Pie.Ai is an amazing Agario style game that you can experience Free For All or Team mode without paying a penny. Explore a fun fast-paced multiplayer online challenge where you are asked to eat as much food as possible to increase calories and earn the highest ranking. Jump straight into a sugary world along with other players and you are able to consume various kinds of pies, cinnamon rolls, and other tasty treats. But, it is not simple to absorb all because you also need to flee so as to avoid being eaten by other merciless opponents. Additionally, you must keep away from being covered in red jam. Positions that drones appear are not safe since they can drop cherry bombs. In case you are damaged, you can hop into healing holes or swallow something similar. Hammers and keys are important to approach locked areas and offer bonuses which allow you to survive. Good luck!

How to play

Left click to jump, fly, attack, and eat.

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