s0urce.io is an interesting Free For All game that brings a lot of cool upgrades to the player. Although it is quite simple to understand what you need to do to become the winner, you’d better make careful plans and find out the best strategy quickly. Enter a world in which you will have to hack as many systems as possible. Firstly, you will pick out a specific port and access a series of orders on your command prompt interface. If you are successful, you will get some Bitcoins. Remember to spend your money on buying stuff in the black market such as miners! They will generate additional funds later. Indeed, using a range of abilities and available tools wisely is really helpful to break through their firewalls and complete your job. Are you ready to be a supreme hacker? Let’s take part in the challenge and show your skills now!

How to play

Use LMB and the keyboard to choose and type.

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