Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is one of the best Free For All io games that you can play against multiple enemies throughout the real world by yourself. Your mission is to take over the leaderboard as long as possible. Before you complete that target, you should not ignore killing all of the competitors quickly. Obviously, it is not a simple objective to finish because you can die in an instant once you take damage. The new combat of Shell Shockers will take place in an abandoned port. In which, it is really easy to find hiding spots. Indeed, you are able to use available containers to cover your body in case you are not sure or ready to counterattack. While you are moving, you can pick up a lot of ammo. Besides, it is essential to gear up yourself with lethal weapons such as EggK47 or Scramble Shotgun. Select your favorite class and test your abilities now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to shoot, E to change weapons, R to reload, Q to throw grenades.

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