is one of the best classic game following Slither style. It is available to play Free For All against tons of enemies. Check the brand new by joining the combat set on a massive map and get ready to take over the top spot by collecting the highest mass. With the ability of a snake, you can crawl and roam around the environment your way without difficulty. While you are on your journey, you do not forget to eat food. Consume special squares and you can grow your tail in an instant. Aside from that, you can attack anybody in despite you are smaller than the target. Choose a proper time and you can cut off him. Absorb their remains to increase in size faster. Note that you cannot boost here. However, your speed will be improved when you get longer. Remember to protect your head! If you run into anybody, you will die. Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to roam around the map.

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