Spinz.io is a cool and fun strategy game where you will control a famous toy of the real world and play against a huge number of opponents at once. After you select the favorite skin, you are able to enter the battlefield with the nickname that you like most. Your mission is to dominate the leaderboard by collecting the highest RPM. You should gather dots patiently and carefully because you can be attacked and killed by your enemies. These pellets will help you increase your score significantly. Once you feel comfortable, you can embark on colliding with other items. Do not ignore picking their energy! Aside from that, you are allowed to boost your movement speed in order to flee from stronger players. Use it smartly since it will consume your point. Remember to keep an eye on those who are 4 times faster. They can destroy you with only one hit. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move the spinner, LMB to boost speed.

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