is an amazing classic strategy game with a fast-paced gameplay. Play against multiple online antagonists throughout the world. Wield a stick and try to use it wisely as that weapon will allow you to collect the number of kills that you want. Indeed, it is a deadly equipment that can finish off the target with only one hit. Not only that, it is very special because it can grow longer, bigger, and stronger when it gains mass. You can make it increase the size by eating pieces. Food dots will be scattered across the battlefield of Although it is not difficult to gather these items, you can be attacked while you are picking them up. Besides, you will obtain lots of gems after you are successful in defeating your enemies. Loot those valuable stones and spend them on buying upgrades related to avatars or outfits in the shop. You can earn more if you join daily missions.

How to play

Use Space to boost your speed.

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