is one of the 2d shooter Io games inspired by the popular style. It is available to choose any mode that you love! So, you are able to play solo, duo, join or create a team of your own before you embark on your job. Start off with a survivor and try your best to become the last man who stays alive. In order to achieve that goal and dominate the top spot, you do not forget to defeat other rivals, defend your life, and equip the most powerful gear. You will begin with a small pack only. Therefore, you are recommended to collect as much loot as possible. They will come from crates or other people. You can carry two weapons at once. However, the amount of ammo and supplies will be limited due to the size of your backpack. In case you are damaged, you should restore your health quickly by using a bandage or a booster. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD to move, LMB to fire, F to loot.

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