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Sworm.io is an upgraded Slither style game where you will play the Free For All mode by yourself. Discover the impressive graphics and other special features along with multiple players. Especially, you can zoom view in or out if you want. You will have the chance to cut other characters’ worms or your own. The main aim is to become the best winner on the global leaderboard. After you join the combat in Sworm.io, you should not forget to eat food pieces scattered on the ground in order to grow bigger and longer. Watch out! You will die instantly once you bump into somebody. Besides, you are able to hunt down bugs and pick up lots of shield bonuses around the map to armor your body. With that item, nobody can kill you. Additionally, remember to collect magnets to temporary increase the consumption distance. Let’s participate in the battle and discover more exciting secrets!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct your worms, LMB or W to speed up, RMB or Space to cut others or your own, mouse wheel to zoom.

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