Tactics Core

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Tactics Core opens a high-tech fight in which you must fight against multiple online players. The game features a wide range of warships you can pick, including a javelin, a roller, a silencer, and a manta. They all have their own statistics and weapons you can utilize to beat other rivals. You will engage in either the blue or red team. The main task here is to destroy the enemies’ command center! You must work with your teammates to defeat all opponents, destroy their base while defending yours. For each kill you collect, you will earn XP and level up. After leveling up, feel free to buy some new units or even upgrades for yourself. Make sure that you watch out for your surroundings, always keep yourself safe from the risks around you and try to stay alive for a chance at winning! Are you up for this? Play then lead your team to victory now!

How to play

Move with WASD. Click the left mouse to fire and use key 1 for using the special skill.

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