Takemine.io is an exciting survival game based on Moomoo.io style. You and other people will be delivered to an abandoned island in which you are able to choose to play Free For All or join Team. You will have to mine as many resources as possible after you land on. So, you are allowed to hit rocks and tropical palm trees to gather wood and stone. They are important initial materials that help you build up your base and craft other better tools or weapons. Moreover, you must keep you safe from every danger coming from wild animals, weather conditions, robbers, and so on. Attempt to stay alive until you master your life and even dominate the top spot. You can attack the enemy by using your available equipment. Aside from that, restore your health by eating. Let’s engage in the fun adventure and create your own empire now!

How to play

Use WASD to move, LMB or Space to gather or attack, E to auto attack, 1-9 or LMB to select items, Q to quick choose food, Enter to chat, Esc to close windows.

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