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Select your tribe’s name and play Wanderers.io game with the mode that you want. It’s possible to discover a Sandbox world if you are a beginner or join the Eclipse land where you will have the chance to explore the style of Battle Royale! Press the Start button and you can embark on your challenge in an instant. Lead an ethnic group of tiny people and defend all of them from attacks. Help them survive and you can earn the high ranking. Remember that you do not need to give direct orders to these minions! But, they will be able to automatically work and act once they are equipped with the proper tool like a bow or an ax. They will move after you grab the totem. They can hunt wild animals or chop trees. Do not forget to add more upgrades and assign them to your team! When they stay alive, you will increase your power and take over the top spot sooner. Have fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse to interact and upgrade your tribe.

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