Try Zlax.io and explore an amazing twist in the new Io game your way! However, you’d better learn how to use your weapons and choose the best strategy. In order to be the top winner, you need to collect the highest score, kill the most people and have the longest survival time. Select a skin and take part in the combat in which you have to attempt to keep you safe and eliminate all enemies. Move around the playfield and pick up axes before throwing them at the prey. Meanwhile, dodge attacks and survive. Not only that, there are a lot of colored gems on the floor. You should not ignore them. Those items and kills will help you carry more tools at once. Besides, you will be given a bar called Rage. Make it full and you can launch them persistently. Be careful! It will not last for too long. You can dash to escape if you encounter stronger players after that ability is not active. Good luck!

How to play

Use Left-click or Space to throw axes, Right-click or W to dash.

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