ZOMBS.io game is a mix of Minecraft and Tower Defense genre. Discover a new land and you should build up a base. Additionally, you need to defend your home against waves of aggressive zombies. These enemies especially appear at night. If you work together with friends in the party mode, they will spawn much more. Therefore, you are recommended to make use of the daytime to mine rocks, trees and gather resources which will help you craft weapons and towers. Aside from that, gold will allow you to unlock a lot of upgrades that are ready to improve the power of your castle and barriers. Try to equip the best turrets and walls as soon as possible! They are very important to push back the foe and protect your buildings. So, place them carefully because they have unique stats. If you survive, you will obtain higher scores. However, the monster also grows stronger. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, LMB to gather/attack/build, RMB to unselect, Q to switch weapons, B to enter the shop, P to join the party.

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